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As part of its constant endeavours to provide the best services to all capital market players, the company is enhancing and improving its services provided through the website. These enhancements are aimed to facilitate the investors to access our services in an easy and better manner.

The company’s website not only provides information about the company and its services, but also provides the statistical reports issued by the company, such as shareholders lists, investors’ holding percentages [stipulated as per the laws of the Capital Market Authority] for any listed shareholding company. In this regard, the site also includes other statistical reports related to the companies whose shares are highly traded.

The website has a special link to help the shareholders to track and monitor their dealings in the Muscat Securities Market. In addition to this, the site also provides information on the dividends distributed for the shareholders and incase they have any amounts unclaimed and lying in the investors’ trust fund [as per period specified by the Capital Market Authority].

The reports and data on the companies listed in the market could be accessed by the regulatory entities [for their appraisal as per rules and regulations] as well as the brokers to validate the transactions based on their dealings in the market.

In conclusion, we hope that we have been successful in catering to the requirements of all our member brokers, investors and other market participants.

We look forward for any suggestions and comments about the website and our services provided through it, as it would help us to augment these services.

We wish you all further progress and success.



Abdullah Ahmed  Al Nabhani

          General Manager

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